Saturday, 10 January 2015


A few of the tiles in my house in Ipoh are broken.  I asked a contractor if he was willing to repair them for me and he said I needed to replace everything.  Wow!  That would cost me a few thousand ringgit.  Since I only stay there during the weekends, I don't think I would want to spend so much on it.  Besides, the house is equally owned by my sisters and I.  They too don't stay there and it wouldn't be fair to ask them for money to change all the tiles.  
When Lai Yoong heard about my predicament, she suggested that we just remove the broken tiles and cement up the empty space.  Yeah,  And she was the one who did it for me.  
In Feng Shui, things that are brokenin disrepair, or not working are negative conditions that represent a disregard for your home and, consequently, for yourself. The cracked tiles represent negative forces in life since they block the flow of positive energy around me. 
Having items and fittings around the home that are in disrepair is poor feng shui. 
Fix broken things in your home and you will remove whatever is blocking positive energy from entering your life.

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