Saturday, 3 January 2015


Of all the Flying Stars, the 5 Yellow or Wu Wang is the scariest as it brings with it major misfortune.  In the Year of the Wood Sheep, the West is where this inauspicious star resides.  Homes facing or sitting west and main doors located west are badly affected.  The youngest daughter in the family and those born in the rooster year will be most badly affected by it.
What to do?
The best remedy is to move out of any west located room to avoid the bad effects.  Remember to remove earth and fire energy from the West.  Keep this sector as quiet as possible, no renovation, knocking, digging or cutting.  If that is not possible, then you need to use cures like the heart sutra pillar.  Another remedy is to use lots of metal in the West to subdue to energy of the Five Yellow which is an Earth Star.  Also don't have crystals or salt lamps here; these can help to strengthen the earth energy of Wu Wang.

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Alan O said...

Can a pi yao or a pi xiu be used to appease the 5 yellow star? If yes, how should it be used?