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Correct Method to Use Horse Shoe Feng Shui Cure

The correct method to use a horse shoe cure is very important for getting the best out of the horse shoe cure in feng shui. As we all know horses are considered very powerful symbols in feng shui and they bring loads of good luck and prosperity into your home. Horse shoe or the cover son hoofs of horses were considered very auspicious during olden times and we would see many homes having nailed the horse shoe over their main door.
This horse shoe was used to protect the house from evil spirits and bad eye. In feng shui we consider this horse shoe cure as very powerful cure to bring in prosperity and for protection of the house and inmates. Getting the right horse shoe is very important, the one which has been on a live horse, as this will have the energy of the galloping horse. So having a genuine horse shoe which has matured over the hoof of the horse would be very auspicious. Nowadays we also get symbolic metal horse shoes to be used as symbols of protection and good luck.
Why is the horse shoe considered auspicious in feng shui? Horses symbolise power, energy, strength, speed, fame, endurance, leadership and success in general the horse is associated with positive and yang energy. Galloping hoses are also considered very auspicious and hanging a painting with horses galloping inside the house is very good for wealth and fame corner.
Since horse shoe are made of metal hanging this on your front door that faces west and north are best. Try to avoid using this horse shoe feng shui cure when your front door faces east or south as metal is not a good element for these areas and will create negative poison arrows. The head of the two pointed arrows in a horse shoe must face downwards to act as protection and good luck symbol. Never use horse shoe inside the house for any door as it will affect adversely and inmates will always be on a travelling spree! This may lead to instable life and also affect your relationships adversely. Never have horses’ paintings or horse shoe in bedroom as this will create imbalance in energy and as bedroom needs more yin energy and horses are yang energy.
A horse shoe cure is very good when you have north west or west facing doors as the element here is metal and this will create good feng shui along with providing protection and bringing in good luck and prosperity.

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