Tuesday, 30 December 2014


 The Ruling Star for the Wood Sheep year is the Number 3 Wood Star.  Beginning February 4, 2015 this star will fly into the Central Palace.  According to Feng Shui Master Jason Eng, the Number 3 hostile and quarrelsome star is very inauspicious.  It brings conflict, misunderstandings and problems pertaining to legal issues.  In 2013 and 2014, the Number 3 star was very strong as it was in the East and Southeast which both belong to the Wood element.  In 2015 it is in the centre and becomes even strong.  Why?  Because this is an earth sector.  To make matters worse, the Year and Month Pillars of the Wood Sheep year have Wood destroying earth.  This means that the destructive and quarrelsome nature of Wood will be strengthened.
What to do?  What remedies are there to contain this hostile star?  Firstly, remove wood and water elements from the centre. Make use of the Fire Element.  Place red things here.  Red is symbolic of fire and can be an effective remedy to subdue the Number 3 Star.  You can also keep the centre of the house brightly lit as a remedy.
Do not hang windchimes here and make sure that the place is quiet.

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