Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I have my own mini library at home.  My books are mainly on Herbs, Feng Shui, Motivation, Cooking and TESL.  To have a library at home is considered good Feng Shui as it represents a treasure trove of knowledge.  Therefore, setting up a library using simple feng shui tips helps too attract education luck.  Furthermore, the information contained in the books may just be want a family needs to help them in certain situations. 
You actually don't need to have a whole lot of books in your home library.  Mine has topics that I am passionate about.  I keep mine in two compartments in my wall unite.   I organise my books according to the topics.  One shelf for Feng Shui, another for Herbs and cooking and the last for TESL and motivation. Organizing your library will keep ones life organised.

In feng shui we advise to have the library in closed structure as open shelves accumulate lots of dust which is not considered good. Even if you are not a frequent reader and have a good collection of books do take out time to remove all the books, arrange them and keep your library clean.
This cure can also be used to enhance education luck and if your children are not doing good academically or you feel stunted in career growth then setting up a library will start the process of welcoming knowledge luck in your life.


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