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2015 Year of the Sheep Feng Shui Annual Forecast

December 10, 2014 by Kathryn Weber

by Kathryn Weber

The Year of the Sheep is coming this February, and it couldn’t be a more different year than last year’s Year of the Horse.

If you had a difficult year last year, you’ll be glad that troublesome horse has ambled on.

The sheep is the eighth sigin of the Chinese Zodiac and represents stability, even temprament, and is considered to be the most feminine of all the zodiac signs — and for good reason.

The sheep occupies the matriarch’s position in the southwest corner of the home. This sector is the corner that governs women, reproduction and the marital or love relationships.

This sign governs the heat of the day — from 1-3 pm — and the driest part of the year, late summer. The drawbacks of this zodiac sign is that the sheep can be self-absorbed in a depressive kind of way. But mostly this sign is known for a compassionate and gentle manner.

In 2015, there will be many changes as the placid sheep gently nudges the horse out of the way.

Take for instance, the 5 Yellow energies. Last year, the 5 Yellow was parked squarely in the sector of the breadwinner. This had a lasting impact on many families with each financial or health implications. Maybe men were troublesome for you.

But the good news is whereever the 5 Yellow visits, the 4 Star of Romance and Education Luck moves in when the 5 Yellow leaves. That means that love, education, sales, romance, and even travel, are on the agenda for men and anyone with a northwest facing house or bedroom.

Even so, there will always be a downside to every energy, and an upside too. The nice thing about feng shui is that you can be prepared for both the good and the bad.

Here’s the layout for the year’s energies:

In 2015, there are some major and rare developments occurring.

In general, there are three major corners or sectors of our home that we must watch out for carefully in feng shui all the time: the center (heart/spine/health/relationships/money), the southwest (the woman of the house/marriage/partnerships/love), and the northwest (the man of the house/breadwinner/networking/benefactors and helpful people).

This never changes.

Of these three sectors, we have TWO sectors with wonderful energies: the southwest and the northwest. The center sector has the 3 Jade Argument Star…but it may not be so bad.

Let’s talk about the sector with the difficulty first — it’s the center, so we’ll all have this problem in 2015.

The center sector has the 3 Jade Argument Star. This can create legal problems and tangles, back biting, gossip, arguments…and even depression.

But there’s also great potential for fabulous growth.

We will see a surge in the economy this year, and we’re already seeing it with the drop in gas prices. That’s because the wood energy of the 3 Star uses the earth energy. There’s another benefit, too, and that is the Ho Tu combination for growth that comes here.

But, like a tree that can grow too quickly and overpower the house, the 3 Star needs to be controlled properly in order to manage the anger and legal potential but benefit the whole house from the growth perspective!

In the northwest, the 4 Star brings a rosy hue to everything it touches for the man of the house. For women, the 9 Purple Star of Future Prosperity comes to visit and it brings just what the sheep likes — fire and plenty of it!

Women and anyone with a southwest bedroom or house direction will want to think seriously about undertaking new ventures because what’s done this year will PAY HANDSOMELY in the years to come.

Other good luck sectors

The east hosts the 1 White Star of Opportunity and it will be so happy in the east corner of family and the oldest son. If you’ve had health issues in the past year, those nagging complaints should fade away. The oldest son could see new streams of income or a boost in money.

Three feeling water is very auspicious and has three distinct levels.

But it takes WATER to make the income potential of this star come about.

The southeast hosted the 3 Star last year and it hosts the Black 2 Star of Illness this year. But, and it’s a big BUT, there is a rare combination of energies that will bring BIG MONEY opportunities. You’ll want to make sure you work on this sector.

The north was saddled with the 3 Killings energy last year, but this year the 8 Star of Wealth moves in to throw gold coins at your feet! Anyone with a north bedroom or house will be grateful for the rainbow shining over them in the Year of the Sheep.

There’s only one member of the family who shouldn’t be in this bedroom and I’ve written all about it in my 2015 Feng Shui Forecast in complete detail.

Last year, the 7 Star of Violence parked its nasty self in the northeast. This year it sidles off and the 6 Heavenly Star comes to rain down pennies from heaven. There will be so many opportunities from well connected people to come to your aid. There will also be great potential for windfalls — surprise checks, inheritances, royalties, the list goes on.

For every upside, there’s also a downside.

This year that’s in the west, the sector of children. This poor sector is hit with two problems — the 5 Yellow AND the 3 Killings energy. I strongly urge you to read my complete forecast and how to handle this energy. Because if it’s handled wrong, you could create more problems in the year ahead.

It’s especially important if you have children. There could be serious, grave loss if your house faces this direction or if you have a bedroom here. In past years, you could probably get by with ignoring your feng shui, but not this year, and not if your house faces west or you or anyone you love sleeps in the west corner of the house.

If you have a bathroom, laundry room or closet in the west corner of the house, thank your lucky stars.

Security and Safety First

The south hosts the Red 7 Violent star. Because this sector relates to daughters and your social status, and the 7 relates to injury by metal, this is a particularly worrisome combination.

In other words, there is a risk of cyberbullying and bullying in social media could also be a real problem. Online fraud is another concern to consider, too, especially if this is your bedroom or house direction. As always, when the 7 is around, it augurs injury by metal. Water will hold the the Red 7 at bay.

In the year ahead, please take precautions. Checking the annual afflictions in your home always pays off. Look at it like this….an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

I’m wishing you a prosperous and successful year ahead.


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