Thursday, 4 December 2014


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I am sure that many of you reading this might have a painting or two hanging at home or at your place of work.  I like pictures of flowers and angels.  But there are some out there who go for  paintings that depict war, violence or sad scenes.
From a Feng Shui perspective, hanging such negative images will not be good for those inhabiting that place.  Feng Shui masters say that such images may one of the reason for fights and misunderstandings in the home.  Paintings of war, drought, famine, destruction, floods, ruins, haunted mansions must be avoided. Even painting of raging bulls and elephants might effect the emotions of the occupants negatively and they are always ready to fight.
Therefore, it is advisable to select paintings that give our positive vibes,  they most probably will have bright or fresh colours. One can go in for beautiful sunrise landscapes, flower paintings, portraits of famous people and even symbolic paintings that depict hope and prosperity.

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