Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Year of the Wood Sheep  or Goat will begin at 12 midnight on 4th February 2015.  You can see the Bazi chart for the Goat Year.  The year Pillar is Wood. By looking at the chart, you can see that it is a balanced chart, meaning it has all the 5 elements: wood (3), earth (2), water (1), metal (1), and fire (1).

The Wood element appears 3 times on the chart (not counting the hidden elements).  Wood represents wealth this year.  So the Year of the goat presents a lot of money and wealth luck potential for everyone. This year’s wealth luck is spread throughout the year. There are many money making opportunities.  The wealth luck for the first half of the year will be slower but we will start to feel the wealth luck by the second half of the 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep as the last two pillars are productive. 

The hidden element shows two more fire, and again this serves to contribute to our wealth luck as fire represents recognition this year. Those who work hard will sure to make more money even if they don't have a particular strategy to do so.  

There are two earth elements in the chart.  For 2015, earth represents growth and resources.  Now this is good because this shows that we will be able to gather personal and professional resources. The hidden element shows 2 more earth elements.  This means that if we persevere, then will will find resources that we need.  To enhance this year’s earth element you cane wear some kind of gemstone.

There is one element of water in the chart, and  none for the hidden element Water  represents intelligence in the 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep.

There is also one metal element.  In 2015, Metal represents either friends or foe, it represents the self – element of the year,  As the metal energy is weak, we can activate by using crystal balls.  Remember not to use any crystals or salt lamps in the West as it would do more harm than good.

Finally, there is one fire element, which is enhanced by 2 hidden fire elements.  This shows power and authority.

The combination of horse and sheep indicated here is mentor luck or a patron for those who do not have power or authority.  The combination of tiger and boar means a good wealth generating partnership.

There are also two good stars, the star of spiritual and powerful mentor star. Overall the presence of all the elements in the chart is an excellent indication for 2015.

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