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"The Phoenix Footstool – The Feng Shui Symbol Of Material Comforts And Success"

By Kathryn Weber

In feng shui, the ideal position for a house embodies what’s called the “armchair” position. This position has a rise at the rear of the house, and the left or east side of the house is higher than the right side of the house, as you are looking out from the front of the house.

Many feng shui devotees know about the importance of the supportive cosmic tortoise that is represented by the rise at the rear of the house. This rise gives support, like the back of a chair, so that the residents have opportunity in their lives.

But one of the areas of the home and your environmental feng shui that’s often missed is the position of the phoenix.

And it’s this position and portion in the landscape that creates the relaxation that comes from having enough money, prestige and success – and why it’s so important to activate!

The phoenix is the fabled bird that can burn and then regenerate from its ashes. It symbolizes success and the ability to rise again after difficulties.

But in feng shui, the phoenix is represented by the area at the front of your home. This portion of your home or garden is in the front of the house and should be lower than the rise at the rear of the house.

What’s most interesting is that the phoenix isn’t simply represented by flat land. It’s also represented by a small mound of earth or even a small boulder at the front of the home. It symbolically represents a footstool.

Think about when you relax how you will put your feet up. This is what we want for your home – the ability to enjoy the kind of success that allows you to relax and put your feet up.

This is often represented by a nicer car, pretty clothes, relaxing vacations where you really do put your feet up and relax and savor your success!

It's also one of the reasons why you want the area in front of your home to be open and able to attract the chi of success. The phoenix not only represents success, but the ability to purchase those material things that represent success – and the relaxation that comes with success.

The phoenix represents not having to work so hard because you’re recognized for your efforts. If you’ve ever been in a job and felt like you had to shoot off a roman candle to get someone's attention, you know what I’m talking about. The person who receives recognition has opportunities brought to them – and that’s relaxing all by itself!

Here are 3 key tips to symbolize the crimson phoenix in your home -- and start enjoying the fruits of success and recognition.

1. Create a small footstool in your garden at the front of your house. This can be a small mound of dirt or even a small boulder that looks like the “feet” of your house could be rested on from the front door. Make sure that the boulder or mound doesn’t appear to block the house, though.

2. Activate the phoenix in your home. Hang a picture of a rooster, a cardinal, a flamingo, or any red bird to mimic the red phoenix. Place this in the south corner of your home or living room.

3. Place a phoenix in the south corner of your garden. Adding a red bird figure in the south portion of your garden is another excellent way to activate the phoenix in your home.

Source:  www.redlotusletter,com

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