Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I bought three of these lotus blooms which were being sold at the market for RM1 a stalk. The flowers were intended for my home altar in Ipoh where my late mother had invited the Goddess of Kuan Yin.
Whenever I associate Kuan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion with the lotus. This divine being's symbolic flower is a pink and violet lotus; the center, being pink, is as the mercy flame, becoming deeper and deeper violet on the periphery.
The lotus grows and thrives in muddy swamps and ponds. It opens and blooms at dawn and returns to the darkness at dusk. It is the ability of this beautiful and fragile looking flower to survive in an unfriendly environment which makes it a symbol of inspiration. Like the lotus, we have it within us to "bloom" in adverse conditions to realise our full potential..

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