Friday, 21 November 2014

Health Feng Shui Tips: Cleanse the Energy in Your Body

Use simple and easy feng shui tips to help boost your energy levels

By Rodika Tchi
Feng Shui Expert
Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) 
Replenish them as needed. Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images

From time to time, be it after holidays or after a lot of stress at work, your energy may feel low and the body feel tired.

Focusing on your home feng shui to help you boost your energy levels is always a good idea.

You might not have the energy to start clearing clutteror do major furniture rearranging, but you might still employ some easy feng shui solutions to help you out.

Here are some quick feng shui tips to help the energy in your body get fresh and vibrant again by using the five elements theory along with any detox/cleansing program of your choice.

  • Thoroughly cleanse your kitchen and let go of any unhealthy foods.
  • Bring fresh herbs like basil, rosemary or mint (Wood feng shui element), ideally in clay pots (Earth feng shui element) and find a good place for them in your kitchen.
  • Always have fresh water in site. A good idea is to place a row of spring water bottles (Water feng shui element) that you replenish as necessary.
  • Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) Replenish them, too, as needed.
  • Be sure to aerate your kitchen often and let natural light in.

Having a good feng shui energy flow in the kitchen is like having a strong support system in all your health-related initiatives; definitely worth going for!


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