Saturday, 29 November 2014


I have a treadmill which I bought more than a year ago. I have to admit that it is really under utilised as I usually go on it for less than 5 minutes a time.  What is worse is that I do this less than 5 times a week.  I am not alone, there are many out there who buy exercise equipment and after
after a few months of use, they are left idle.  Now in Feng Shui, this is not good, especially if the machine is not in good working condition. The Qi there will be stagnant.
Here are a few Feng shui tips for exercise equipment and personal gym.
  1. never have exercise equipment in the bedroom. This is the place to unwind and exercise represents yang energy.
  2. never keep gym equipment under bed ,as this will affect your sleep. Exercise equipment keep producing energy even when kept on the floor and it can be felt if they are stored under or in the bed storage. This will affect your sleep, health and relationships.
  3. Never have a gym in the living room or near the entrances as it is here where we enter after a hard day of work.  It will make us feel drained and many will feel less motivated to work out.
  4. It is best to have gym and exercise equipment near windows as there is Yang energy coming from there.
  5. Always keep exercising equipment and gym materials in good condition and running smoothly. Repair anything broken or grease them if not running smoothly.
  6. The East sector represents Feng Shui health and it is good to have your personal gym and have all exercising equipment here.

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