Saturday, 11 October 2014


"Feng Shui and the Color Yellow"

by Kathryn Weber

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that yellow is a color that’s bright and sunny and optimistic. It’s also the color that’s the easiest for all people to see. The color yellow is a happy color that brings bright, vibrant energy to any house or office. Yellow is also the color that represents ripeness, as in the yellow leaves of the fall season.

But everything isn’t perfect with sunny yellow.

Yellow is commonly associated negatively with cowardice. What’s more, yellow can also be associated with oppression and even illness, such as jaundice from a hepatitis infection. In China, pornography is referred to as “Yellow Movies,” and in Russia, an insane asylum is called a “Yellow House.”

Even so, in chakra studies, the color yellow represents the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal will. But in feng shui, yellow has a special meaning too. It refers to the three earth sectors of the center (the solar plexus of a home), northeast and southeast. When you’re ready for a bright dose of color that’s uplifting and intellectually stimulating, yellow is your color.

Here’s more tips on how you can use yellow that makes the best use of its feng shui qualities for intelligence, health, wealth and relationships.

Yellow represents the hands and stomach. Because the hands are represented by the northeast and the stomach is represented by the southwest, the color yellow relates to these body parts. When you want improve your thinking and outlook, or how you perform on tests, areas represented by the northeast, yellow is a good color to wear.

Yellow is the color of intelligence. Have an important proposal to write? Need to pass an exam? Yellow is the color of intellect and the mind in feng shui — and in life, too — just think of those yellow school buses taking children to school. Wear something yellow to help your mind and thinking when you have important work, writing, or exams to take.

Wear yellow for relationship harmony. When you want to get along with others or create harmonious relationships, yellow is a suitable color for making you look both bright and vibrant, but also stable. Troubled relationships? Yellow will help ground conversations and settle problems.

Use yellow in kitchens and dining rooms. Because yellow is an earth color, this is an optimal hue for using in the kitchen as it will keep the fire element in control. In the dining room, the yellow will enhance the diners’ enjoyment because this is the color of the stomach.

Add yellow to the center sector to control blood pressure. Because of its strong earth element, yellow will help “put out the fire” associated with high blood pressure. Painting the center sector walls and ceiling will help put blood pressure in check.

Create harmonious color pairings. If tensions are high, the greatest color combination to soothe flaring tempers and personalities is to combine the colors of yellow with red or orange. Of course, to create and further harmony in a home or office a pairing or red and yellow will keep relationships smooth and argument free.

Single lady looking for love? Wear yellow. Yellow is the color most likely to attract attention, so be the “Lady in Yellow” instead of the “Lady in Red” if you’re looking for serious, steady and grounded suitors.

Choose yellow stones for wealth. If you’d like more income and want to improve your finances, wear citrine, the yellow stone of prosperity. Place a citrine in the southwest to bring wealth to the woman or the house or the northwest to bring wealth to the man of the house. Citrine is also a wonderful stone for earth people to wear, so if you’re KUA number is 2, 8, or 5, citrine will boost your business and money potential.

Yellow is the color of sincerity. Single guys take note – sending yellow roses is more sincere and sentimental, making this color choice a much better way to impress a lady than red which can be overpowering.


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