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Fengshui and Lights
16 Sep 2014

Master Lynn Yap

1) Lights have a very important impact on fengshui as “lights” give off “energy” and this special energy is important in driving up the energy of the environment.

2) Lights can be natural or un natural which is man made lights which run on electricity or candles.

3) Light that are natural are light rays that come from the Sun.

4) In a house or office, it is important to have natural light from the Sun coming in to the wealth and the power/health/volume of business sector.

5) These Light energy would stir up the wealth and power/health/volume of business in the office or the house.

6) So that people would be kept busy with work.

7) The un natural lights would have ceiling lights or standing lamps, table lamps or the use of candles.

8) The un natural lights are usually used in areas that appeared a bit dark and would therefore be a bit “ying”.

9) Bright lights would therefore be termed as “yang”

10) Sometimes unnatural lights are used to “speed up” the energy in the power/health/volume of business sectors.

11) If a candle is lighted and placed in the power/health/volume of business sector usually after 3 hours, a phone would ring or someone text for business.

12) Then one would know that you had placed the candles correctly and usually two tea light candles would be sufficient to create that special “energy”.

SOURCE: http://www.propertykaiser.com.sg/article/fengshui-and-lights-5417f9ab#.VDgrk2eSyuk

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