Thursday, 30 October 2014


A position for your bed which is diagonally opposite the door is called a command position. This means that when you are lying down, you face the door from the far side of your room but not directly in front of the door. From this position that you are able to benefit from the Qi/Chi that enters and flows through the space.


Amelia said...

Hi Miss Cheah, I'm back......
I agree what my good friend told me.You have an interesting blog, well written and good presentation. He read your blog, twice, then emailed me to check it out. He once stayed in Ipoh, I think in Canning gardens.

I enjoyed reading about your fungshui.....very easy to follow.
Glad to know you a teacher....
Have a nice weekend.
Best regards.

Miss Cheah said...

You and your friend made my day. I am truly flattered. I promise to be doing more posts on Feng Shui during my year end holidays.