Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Beware the Number 3

The most disturbing part of 2015 is the very hostile number 3 star at the core of the feng shui chart, bringing about potential conflict and rage. Stay cautious and keep anger in check to avoid this most negative affliction. There could also be a temptation to improperly use authority or to be unkind by abusing one’s power.

The hostility star is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of auspicious chances for success, newfound wealth and invention luck, which arrive courtesy of the 24 Mountains and the four HoTu combinations, so all the more reason to fight against the #3.

If hostility is kept in check, there is much to be gained from the harmonious Paht Chee in 2015. Better relations between people can be accomplished when tapping into this balance.

An important element of success can be attained due to the element of Earth, which represents resources this year. To avoid losing resources, and to attain good fortune, it is wise to bring crystals and precious rocks into your home, and display them on tables or side tables near a wall. Wearing gemstones is another feng shui cure to ensure good fortune. this becomes a vital Success factor. If you experience a shortage of resources, it will be difficult for you to take full advantage of the year’s bounty.

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