Sunday, 14 September 2014


Here are some interesting Feng Shui tips on fans by Master Lynn Yap of Singapore taken from

Fengshui Tips & Fans
26 Jun 2014

Master Lynn Yap

Most people like to use fans in their houses so as to make the rooms feel cooler. However, fans stir Qi to and away in the room and into the environment.

Here are some basic fengshui rules:
  1. There should be no ceiling fan above the dining table. Since dining table represents career, the ceiling fan that moves above the career would definitely not be good.
  2. There should be no ceiling fan above the master bed in the master bed room. As the master bed represents relationships hence if there is a ceiling fan above the bed then the couple’s relationship between themselves and among friends/colleagues would not be good.
  3. Ceiling fan in the living room or other rooms are usually ok.
  4. Some people like to use standing fans or wall mounted fans.Ideally they should not be placed in the wealth or power area of the house.
  5. The shape of the blades of the fans do matter in fengshui. Try not to buy those whose shape look like a curved knife.


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