Saturday, 16 August 2014


Last Sunday, my friend Manja started having pains in both her arms, especially the right one. During the Ramadan month she had been making kuih sepit (thousands of them) with her mother and sister and suspected that this might be one of the causes. Besides this, she also does Bali massage and slimming for the customers at a Beauty Salon. So this might have made it even worse, Her mother who is a traditional masseur (bidan) at their village tried to massage her aching arms for her but it did not work. So her friend, Carol took her to a private clinic for treatment but the doctor said that she needed an operation to remove some liquid in her veins or something like that (this was told by my friends). So they sought a second opinion and went to the district hospital in Manjung. Again it was said that she needed minor surgery for her condition. BUT one thing was constant, Manja's arms were still painful. So she went again with Carol for the surgery on the date specified but this time the doctor told them that surgery was not needed but physiotherapy. Both of them got fed up and called me to take them to Uncle Cheong for Tui Na.
The moment uncle looked at her swollen wrist, he asked her for her line of work. She said she was a beautician and masseur. He then asked her if she washed her hands immediately after each massage and she said yes. Then he told her that that was the problem. 'Wind' and 'moisture' was retained and with time,she was feeling the effects. He advised her to use surgical spirits to wash her hands next time. After massaging her sore muscles and joints, he applied a herbal poultice for her. Know what, by night time, Manja was fine already.

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