Sunday, 10 August 2014


 I went to Tesco Extra Food Court to have dinner on Saturday evening and guess who was giving a special Raya performance. If you watch Academy Fantasia Season 1 then you will know who Khai AF is.
 Khai signing autographs for his fans
I got to have my photo snapped with Khai of Academy Fantasia Fame. I was lucky enough to be at the Tesco Extra Food Court in Ipoh when he made a special appearance. I know who he, Mohammad Khairul Nizam bin Mohammad Wahi, is as I followed the first season of Academy Fantasia. He lost out to Vince Chong. I have also met a few of the AF contestants of Season 2.
Even my Aunt Linda sort of got her picture with Khai. He did a walkabout while singing and she happened to be in the frame. She has no idea who he is. But my late mother was a fan of both Khai and Vince Chong.

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