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Like quite a number of people, I have a few kilogrammes that I need to shed as a result of overindulgence. My problem is I don't seem to be able to get rid of the extra weight. Recently there is this article about losing weight with Feng Shui. Am sure gonna give it a try? I am sharing it with you here.

"Lose Weight with Feng Shui--5 Tips to Stimulate Your Energy for a Slimmer You"

by Kathryn Weber

Maybe weight isn't about what you eat, but where you eat. — Kathryn Weber

Lots of people struggle with losing weight. We try everything and stick to nothing. We often become discouraged when diets don’t work and resolutions fail. If that’s happened to you, then maybe you should put your house on a diet instead.

If weight loss has been unsuccessful, frustrated dieters will be glad to know they can make small adjustments to their home that can help them succeed in the battle with weight loss. Your body is your spiritual home and holds your inner energy and our houses hold our bodies.

Interestingly, many people find that when they clean out and clear out the excess clutter in their homes, they also feel better physically.

Feng shui is another way of achieving what you want in life regardless of whether it’s attracting a love interest or losing weight. That’s because we are all products of our environment, and if our environment is stuffed then we will be, too.

Every scientist understands that all energy in the universe is either a positive or negative energy. The same is true in feng shui with all the energies of the earth being either “yin” or “yang.” Yin energy is dark, cold, and passive energy. Yang is light, warm, and active energy. Balancing the two complementary but opposing energies can produce results that we want, and their harmony is crucial to good feng shui. With these rules in mind, it’s possible to succeed with your weight-loss goals if diets have failed using the positive and negative energies of feng shui.

Too many houses have yin energy in the house and the kitchen energy is excessively yang. When energy is out of balance, it results in negative consequences. If too much attention, or yang energy, is given to the kitchen, excess weight occurs because of the appetite stimulation. Conversely, if the house suffers from too much clutter, the house has excess yin energy and the body responds in kind.

**For the simplest way to lose weight, focus on making the kitchen yin, to suppress appetite, and infuse the rest of the house with yang energy (raise energy, reduce clutter) to raise metabolism.**

Here are five ways to use feng shui energy correctly for losing weight:

1.) Avoid red and yellow colors in the kitchen. These colors are yang, active colors and stimulate hunger. They’re also the two most popular colors used in fast-food restaurants. White is another color that’s appetite stimulating and very commonly used in restaurants. Many gourmet restaurants serve giant portions on huge white platters and this is very appetite stimulating.

2.) Use yin energy in the kitchen to curb appetite. Use the yin colors of blue and even black in the kitchen to decorate and buy black or blue-colored plates to help suppress hunger and make you feel full faster. These yin colors in the kitchen lower the energy level of the kitchen and won’t over stimulate your appetite.

3.) Don’t enter your home through a door that opens into the kitchen. Many overweight people enter their home through the kitchen. Doing so stimulates the desire to eat. Use another door instead so you won’t be prompted to think about food as soon as you walk into the house. One success story came from a couple who took steps to block off their kitchen that looked into the family room where they watched TV. Being there just prompted them to watch TV and eat. Use a curtain or a folding screen to block views of the kitchen and curb thoughts of food and eating.

4.) Improve the yang energy of your home. Clear out excess clutter and anything that’s old and unused to promote healthy yang energy in the home and in your body. Our homes are often “weighed down” by the clutter in them just as we are by our excess weight. Overweight is your body’s way of holding on to excess. Clearing out the clutter just might be what you need to stimulate the energy in your home and your body and will boost the potential of letting go of your own extra weight.

5.) Get rid of old clothes. When we want to create a new image of ourselves it means we need to take steps to eliminate the old image. One of the surest ways to do this is to get rid of our old fashions. We stay “stuck” at our present weight and image by hanging on to old clothing.

Even holding on to that pair of jeans that used to fit is a way to keep us in our current weight. Be ruthless and pare down your clothing to what fits and looks the very best — and is fashionable. They say not to buy new clothes when you’re trying to lose weight and I disagree. Once you see how great you look in some new fashions, you might be more motivated to lose.

Accumulation has become a way of life for many people — often turning eating and shopping into a recreational activity. Unfortunately, the accumulation is often symbolized by body weight. By paying attention to our surroundings and making them more supportive of our goals, such as losing weight, we are more in harmony with our environment and ourselves. Using the two energies of yin and yang where appropriate is another powerful step to creating the healthy home and body we desire.

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