Sunday, 10 August 2014


Here is a picture of Amir and Amar which I took just a couple of days ago.  During the first few days of Hari Raya, their family was supposed to go back to Taiping to visit their paternal grandma but then had to cancel because little Amar was sick.  The little boy is asthmatic like his papa and brother, Amir.
When Amir was young, he too kept going in and out of hospital because of his asthmatic condition and also because he was allergic to milk.  It became so frequent that some of my colleagues suggested to Amir's dad to ceremoniously 'sell' him to me.  You see, the Malays and also Chinese believe that if a child is sickly, then they have to symbolically 'give him away' to someone so that he could become better.  Well, I think I might just have to get another 20 sen to 'buy' Amar as well.

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