Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The Allamanda plant in front of my house in Ipoh was planted by my late mother.  A couple of months ago, two of the men who came to cut the grass asked if they could have some of the flowers.  I said okay but little did I realise that they plucked all the flowers and kept coming.  Now this was too much.  My mummy planted the plant for its beautiful flowers.  When I saw them plucking the flowers one day, I told them that when I agreed for them to take the flowers it was for one time and not for them to take all the flowers on a regular basis.  They told me that the flowers were as offerings for their gods. They said it was a good thing. I told them that their gods wouldn't be too pleased knowing that they were so greedy to come everyday to take all the flowers.  Furthermore, by offering flowers belonging to other people, they are actually praying for the owner of those flowers. After that, they got the message and every weekend when I go home, I get to enjoy the lovely flowers.  I am sure those going for morning and evening walks around my area also get to enjoy the flowers.

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