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"Your Home’s Personal Feng Shui — Using Eight Mansions Feng Shui to Boost Your Home’s Success Chi"

by Kathryn Weber

There is a formula in feng shui that’s called Eight Mansions. This is a personalized form of feng shui that relies on dates and your gender to find your personal feng shui.

For those who’d like to use personal feng shui, you can calculate your personal directions for success, love and health – and your misfortune directions.

While these can be calculated for your personal feng shui based on your gender and date of birth, you can also determine personal feng shui for your house, too.

That means, just like your personal directions determined by your date of birth and gender, you can also calculate thepersonal success and loss directions for your house, too, based on your home’s facing direction.

This enables you to find the sectors that are more beneficial than others and that can bring you good fortune, or misfortune.

One of the difficulties with this particular method is that it focuses on sitting direction of a house versus the facing direction. While many feng shui practitioners use this method, it’s important to remember that when it comes to feng shui, the facing direction is the most critical direction because this is the side that receives the most energy.

This particular formula also means that the front door on every home regardless of which direction it faces is always the “Sheng Chi,” or wealth and success direction. You can see why it’s a popular formula for that reason alone.

However, it’s good to note that in order of priority, the flying star and annual stars of a home take priority over the Eight Mansions form of feng shui, just like it does for your personal feng shui. For example, if your wealth and success direction is south and that’s the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter (like it is in 2014), it’s not advisable to follow your personal feng shui.

What it’s most useful for is to undertake a little examination to see where your main rooms fall and how the elements of the energies interact with what’s going on there.

For example, if you have a laundry room (water) in your home’s Nien Yen direction (metal), then you might find that romance is hard to come, which might explain why you’re love life has suffered despite all the work on your love sector in the southwest.

Here are the Eight Mansions energies and their elements

The positive energies

Sheng chi – Blessed energy, promotes undertakings, encourages wealth. The element is wood. This direction is always the front door sector. It is beneficial for every house direction to have a fountain at the front door of every home to stimulate growth and income and opportunity.

Nien yen – This is the energy of love, satisfying physical relationships, partnerships and marital bliss. The element is metal.

Tien yi – This is the energy of health, body and mind. The element is earth.

Fu wei – This is the energy of personal growth, intelligence, and communication skill. The element is wood.

The negative energies

Ho Hai – This is the energy of hardship and failure. There is no luck. The energy is earth.

Wu Gwei – Also called Five Ghosts. This energy is the energy of false hopes. The brass ring will look like it’s coming and then get yanked at the last minute. The energy is fire.

Liu Sha – Also called 6 Killings. This is the energy of hostility with relationships, disharmony. The element is water.

Chueh Ming – Also called Total Loss. The objective is to disrupt your life, your destiny. It creates severe hardship, illness, bankruptcy, major loss. The element is metal.

Understanding your home’s personal feng shui

This is just another way to look at your personal feng shui, only using your home’s personal feng shui. Read the chart below to find your home’s facing direction. If there is anything that’s needed to harmonize the energies, it’s recommended in the table.

It also reinforces the idea that water at the front of the house is beneficial. That’s because growing energy is presented by the wood element – and how do we make plants grow – by watering them! Having a water feature at the front of your house is always a great idea no matter what direction your house faces.

If you have a southwest facing house, for example, and your bedroom is in the north where the Wu Gwei is located, this is a fire element in a water sector – and that handles the Wu Gwei energy. Why? Because water puts out fire, right? That’s why all the elements are listed for the energies above.

Try this personalized form of feng shui for your house. If you’ve had problems getting a response from feng shui, you might find that this is what does the trick!


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