Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I have mentioned that the murals that I have been posting here recently can be found at a back alley behind Jalan Masjid in Ipoh. Now this street in Ipoh is called Jalan Masjid because this is where the Masjid Panglima Kinta is located. You can see picture of the beautiful blue and white colour mosque here. If you are interested to check out the murals, then all you need to do is locate this mosque and you will find them.
Panglima Kinta is an old mosque located on the east bank of the Kinta river right after Hugh Low Bridge. It was built by Dato' Panglima Kinta Muhammad Yusuff in memory of his wife who passed away that year. Work on the mosque began in 1898. It was one of the most beautiful and largest mosques in Ipoh when it was completed. The mosque has two minarets and a central dome. Recent restoration work has regilded the dome.

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