Thursday, 24 July 2014


Mission accomplished was what I had said after having given the goodie bags to the underprivileged children at the Pondok yesterday. However, when I was back home I couldn't help feeling that I could do more. Early this morning I had a discussion with Hajah Kamariah and both of us felt that we should make time to get Raya clothes for Ismail and Shimah, the two special individuals. When I contacted Ustaz Syed, I was told that there were two more ladies at the Pondok who are mildly retarded. Bring them along said I to Ustaz. We still had money left. Even if there was not enough, Hajah Kamariah and I would make up the difference. So we brought Ismail, Shimah, Fadilah and Rafidah shopping at the Abu Hanifah store.
Not only did Puan Hajah Fatimah, the proprietor of the shop, give us discounted prices, but she also presented the four of them with one set of clothing each. Yesterday Pn Hjh Fatimah presented a set of clothings to each of the girls whom we brought along for the Raya shopping on Tuesday.

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