Friday, 4 July 2014


In about 12 hours' time, World Cup 2014 host Brazil will face their South American counterparts, Colombia. Now this appears to be a battle between the Number 10s, Neymar and James Rodriguez. From all the games played so far, James appear to be on song for his country and has netted in 5 goals. Neymar is close behind with 4. So far Brazil has been unimpressive. Sad to say, their playmaker was a closely marked man with battle scars to prove. It is not known if Neymar will be in the final line-up for the match scheduled at 4.00 am. (Malaysian time) tomorrow. Colombia on the other hand has been arguably the most impressive team in the tournament. James Rodriguez and his team-mates might just be the ones to put an end to Brazil's hopes of lifting the cup for the sixth time. Brazil is going to need to find a way to stop James. At the same time, the Brazilians really need to buck up in every position, other than that taken by Neymar Junior. If Neymar is on fire, than there is hope for the Canarinho (Little Canary); for if Neymar plays, Brazil plays.

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