Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I first heard about the Ray Of Hope Cafe from Auntie Josephine Yan a couple of years ago but only managed to visit last weekend. This Cafe in Bercham is a cafe with a cause. It is a community charity program which provides employment to those with learning disabilities. They learn skills and are trained to perform work just like any normal person. This well-kept and very clean cafe is run by the dozen-odd staff; mainly consisting of volunteers and a total of 11 special children with learning difficulties (some autistic children, some with Down Syndrome). They took our orders happily and with big smiles on their faces.  The person who took our orders was Jason.  He did it rather effortlessly. His colleagues, though a bit slow, did their work diligently and with the utmost concentration.  Each dish that was sent to our table was accompanied by "Enjoy your meal" by those who served us.  
To find out more about this wonderful and charitable eating joint, please go to:

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