Friday, 20 June 2014


On Wednesday afternoon, a few of the boys helped to clear out the old magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes and papers from the storeroom in the library.  The place was really cluttered.  I was rather worried as the room was where the power unit for the building was located.  The technician had told me to make sure that the area near the power unit was not blocked.
It took me two days to send the stuff to the recycling centre.  The first day, I sent part of the recyclables using my car.  As the boys only managed to clear and pack them at around 4.30 p.m., we were only able to make one trip.  I needed to go home by 5.30 a.m. as I had made an appointment with Mr Bala to redo the wiring for my phone and Internet line.  Yesterday afternoon, I got help from the college driver to help me send the stuff as I was worried that the shock absorber for my car wouldn't take another load.  The first load was about 97 kilogrammes, which is about the weight of two of my boys.  I got RM25.40 for that.  The second load was more bulky but less heavy.  It weighed only RM91 kilogrammes.  The man gave me RM23.40.  What did I do with the money?  I used all of it to buy food and drinks for the 18 boys who took part in the gotong royong and the 5 boys who helped pack and transport the recyclables to the centre.

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