Wednesday, 4 June 2014


During Ku Ma's 81st birthday dinner at the restaurant, sau mein or longevity noodles were served to the guests.  For your information, these type of noodles are a must in a birthday celebration dinner. Why? This is because noodles are long and continuous in shape, it symbolizes good health and longevity to have noodles in one’s birthday. Also when eating the noodles, one must not break off the noodle when picking them up. The longer it is, the longer it suggests ones life will be.
Yi mien is the noodles used for making this dish.  For birthdays, it is generally referred to as Longevity noodles or Sau mein (壽麵/寿面). The Chinese character for "long" (長壽麵/长寿面) is also added as a prefix to represent "long life". Usually it is consumed with longevity buns which are shaped like peaches during birthday celebrations.

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