Saturday, 21 June 2014


Once in every four years, the world and I will go into a world cup frenzy.  There will be many who would forgo sleep to watch matches during unearthly hours and go to work or to school looking like zombies or pandas.  It is 2014 and this time around the World Cup is held in Samba Land.
We are 9 days into the FIFA World Cup and things are heating up.  The first shock was the exit of defending champions, Spain.  England followed next.  Soooo exciting and interesting.   I am hoping that my favourite, Brazil will stay on to reach the finals and take the Cup for the 6th time.
The college library is also holding an exhibition on the FIFA World Cup 2014.  It started on 10th June and will be on until 16th July.  There is also a contest for guessing the two teams which will qualify for the final, the score and the eventual winner.  The prize consists of a World Cup travel bag and two souvenir magazines on this tournament.

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