Friday, 27 June 2014


Thanks to El Nino, we here in Malaysia have to bear with sweltering heat and haze.  The weather is extremely hot and dry. The heat from the sun seems to prick through the skin. So a glass of cool drink would really be welcomed.  One of my favourite thirst quenchers is Limau Kasturi with Asam Boi (Calamansi lime juice with sour kana). 

Here is the recipe.

 2 calamansi limes (limau kasturi)- squeeze out the juice.
1 sour kana (asam boi)- cut / chop flesh
2 tpsn white sugar - to taste or could be omitted
1/4 glass hot water
1/2 glass water
ice cubes

Put sour kana and sugar into a tall glass. Add hot water and stir. Then mix with water and lime juice. Lastly add ice to the brim. Now you have a nice glass of refreshing cool drink to quench your thirst and to cool down.

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