Friday, 6 June 2014


 A couple of weeks ago, I bought a loaf of bamboo charcoal bread.  Yeah.  It is black as the bread is made from bamboo charcoal powder.
 I left the bread in the fridge with the intention of toasting them and then spread a layer of kaya over the toast to eat. The problem was I had no toaster.  But that could be remedied as I just needed to go buy one.  Nowadays one can easily pick one up for less than RM30.  Unfortunately for the bread and me, I was busy and put off buying the bread until last Friday.  Unfortunately for me, the bread had already turned mouldy by then and had to be relegated to the rubbish bin.  Sigh!

Though I had a loaf of  Bamboo Charcoal Brea, I did not get the opportunity to taste it.   This bread which has edible charcoal added into it has detoxification benefits.  Black bread is very trendy nowadays especially in countries like Japan, Taiwan and even China.  Never mind, I will go back to Ipoh this weekend, I buy myself another bamboo charcoal bread.  This time, I will make sure I eat it as I already bought a toaster.

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