Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The dustbin outside the library has been missing the lid for some time. As a result the flies can have their way with the rubbish inside the bin. Sometimes, the cats would scavenge for food at night and in the morning, I find rubbish strewn along the five foot way. Last week, the bin was missing and it took me some time to locate it. The workers used it to contain grass and leaves that they had cut. This is not the first time I am having issues with lost dustbins. A couple of years ago, the bin in the herb garden kept getting lost and I kept asking for replacements. So I finally decided to paint the one in the herb garden and it has remained there so far.
Mind you one such heavy duty bin is not cheap. The price is RM60 each. There is one which is even more expensive, costing more than RM100.
So when I got a replacement for the old bin on Friday, I made sure that I painted it like the one in the herb garden. I started painting on Monday morning with help from Vasan. The artwork for the bin was completed by afternoon and I then varnished it. It was finally put to use in the evening. I am pretty sure that my painted bin will remain there this time.  Furthermore, the painted bin is pleasing to the eye.

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