Sunday, 4 May 2014


When I woke up this morning my eyes and face were back to normal.  The eyes were puffy the moment I woke up yesterday morning and my face was slightly swollen.  Usually when I get migraines only my eyes become puffy (this is normal with severe headaches or migraines) but not the face.  A few of my friends suggested that there must have been something I was allergic to.  Could it be the nangka or jackfruit?
When I looked up Jackfruit in the Internet, I found that some cultivars of jackfruit contain esters and alchohol.  Here is the paragraph:
Jackfruit are known for having a distinct aroma. In a study using five jackfruit cultivars, the main jackfruit volatile compounds that were detected are: ethyl isovalerate, 3-methylbutyl acetate, 1-butanol, propyl isovalerate, isobutyl isovalerate, 2-methylbutanol, and butyl isovalerate. These compounds were consistently present in all the five cultivars studied, suggesting that these esters and alcohols contributed to the sweet and fruity aroma of jackfruit.
Now the presence of the esters and alcohol would explain why my face became swollen.  I have a bad reaction to alcohol.  I have suffered from rashes, swellings and have even fainted as a result of either coming into contact or consuming anything with alcohol.

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