Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Mr Frog the coin bank had been sitting in my cabinet a couple of years without much to do. I finally decided to put him to work for a good cause last Friday. I took him out and gave him a good wipe. Then Mr Frog went on a car ride with me back to the college. Along he went with me back to my room and settled into.his temporary residence. For the coming two months he will act as depository for all the lose change that I have. I intend to put all my spare change for Mr Frog to safe keep. Hopefully it will be filled to the brim by Ramadhan as I want to use the money to buy clothes for the poor orphans at Ustaz Syed's Pondok. I have also invited Hajah Kama, Buzz and Haji Hasnin to help feed my green friend with their spare change.

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