Saturday, 24 May 2014


I like making and eating salads. During my first month as an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, I lived in a hostel with my course mates from Malaysia. They noticed that I liked to eat my food raw or I just ate boiled potatoes and hard boiled eggs.
After the first month, we moved out from the hostel and shared the rental for a house as it was much cheaper. I shared a house with two Malaysian teachers, Diana Patricks and Annabelle Thomas. The two ladies said they would do the cooking while I did other chores. Diana's sister, Liz who is married to a British, Philip asked why I never did the cooking and were told that my cooking skills were limited to boiling eggs and vegetables. However, Liz insisted that I do the cooking during their next visit. Her reasoning was that my grandma was a Straits born Chinese and she said that most of her friends with nyonya backgrounds could cook.
So cook I did and Liz was right. I never said I could not cook, it was just that I loved eating raw food or simple boiled food. Until today, my love for raw or simple cooked food remains. Wonder if Diana remembers this episode of our lives in England?

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