Saturday, 3 May 2014


See how swollen my eyes are in this photo

Yesterday evening a headache was already brewing in my head. As the night progressed it got worse. When I retired to bed after midnight, I took a painkiller in the hopes of killing the pain. Unfortunately that did not work. I woke up early this morning with a migraine. Threw up two times and started seeing stars. When I looked into the mirror, my fears were confirmed. My eyes were swollen and I was ghostly pale. I took another painkiller and I had to keep my house dark as light made my condition worse. Sleeping in the frog position helped a bit but the horrid pain did not go away.
Then I had to call for assistance. My angel of mercy came in the form of Lai Yoong, who rushed over to my place in about five minutes. She suggested I go to to the doctors but I said to send me to uncle's house.
So off we went to uncle's place which was actually very near to mine. I couldn't make the trip on my own as I could hardly see. I even had to wear sunglasses at home.
There we had to wait another 15 minutes for Uncle Cheong who had gone out to get some stuff from the hardware shop. Then he began to put his Tui Na skills to work on me. He told me that I had lots of heat and wind trapped inside. The horrible pain left me after he worked his magic. There was still a hint of pain but that was bearable.
Lai Yoong made sure I had breakfast first before she sent me home at 11 a.m. with advice to rest and drink lots of water. Feeling spent from my ordeal, I curled up in my sofa with the lights off and the air conditioning on at full blast, I slept until 2.30 p.m. When I awoke there was no more pain and I was feeling energised. See I can even write about it now.

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