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We’ve all had them – good and bad neighbors. They’re either the types that borrow everything and return nothing. Or, they’re the kind that show up with a plate of cookies when you move in. Then, there are the neighbors who you never know because they keep to themselves.

The better neighbors and the neighbors you don’t know are rarely the source of our unhappiness at home, though. It’s the neighbors who have a yapping dog or whose teenagers bounce a basketball until one a.m. that drive us wild.

One client and her husband were at wits end about some neighbors who were hostile on one side and who collected junk cars on another. They wanted a strong and powerful cure. Although I don’t recommend this, I did relay information about how the Chinese in places such as Hong Kong have been known to go to drastic measures when the energy from a neighboring building threatens their businesses and livelihoods.

In some instances, I have seen canons placed on top of buildings and at entrances to businesses that are opposed by negative forces. The strength of the firing canon symbolically “destroys” the opposing force from harsh edges and other strong poison arrows.

In these cases, the energy being emitted was killing energy – the kind that can lead to bankruptcy or serious illness. I suggested using mirrors, but unbeknownst to me, this client bought a tiny canon and “aimed” it at the neighbors’ houses. Within a short period of time, both neighbors moved on. Obviously, this is an extreme example.

Feng shui is rarely needed for the neighbors we like, but it can be a place of refuge when you have troublesome neighbors. So how do you handle negative neighbors with feng shui? It depends on the situation.

Some situations are just annoyances like kids screaming or a lawn mower starting early on a Saturday morning. Others are more serious and pose a threat. When there is serious negative energy emanating toward you from your neighbors, it pays to give more attention to your feng shui.

Here are some problems that are more common – and the feng shui remedies to help create good will in your neighborhood or where you live.

When you live in an apartment, you're closer to your neighbors and it’s easier for them to get on your nerves. If the problem is from a neighbor who is directly across from you, try placing a small mirror on your door to reflect the neighbor, and the neighbor’s negative energy. If the problem is with the neighbor on the right (as you look OUT the door), hang a metal 6-rod hollow rod windchime on this side. This will lift the negativity away. If the neighbor is on the left of you, place an image of a dragon on the left or place a lush, healthy plant on the left side of the door.

Light cure for troublesome neighbors. Light is an effective way to stop a situation of nighttime annoyances. One client had a problem with boys gathering in the driveway and playing basketball until the early morning hours on the side where she slept. I recommended that she place a motion detecting spotlight on this side of the house that would shine very brightly at the boys. She installed one and within a few days the basketball stopped. Likewise, if your neighbor’s dog barks all night, shining a bright light at the house might help stop the barking.

Yin water method for gossip and bad feelings.
If you're troubled by gossip and hostility, add a large mouthed basin of water between you and your neighbor. The water will help to absorb the negativity and soften relations between you and your neighbor. Combine the water with a mirror for an even more effective way of handling tensions and ill will.

Bells and windchimes transform gossip and negativity. To create better energy from the harsh corner of a neighbor’s home or malicious gossip, try hanging tinkling bells. You can also place a 6-rod hollow windchime to help transform the negative energy.

Color method for bad energy. White is a very yang color and can help to transform neighborly attitudes more friendly and amiable. By painting your home white, you will emit strong yang heavenly energy outwards and make it more difficult for negative energy to be bothersome to you at home. This has worked for homes even situated next to cemeteries!

Happy method to lift spirits. If your neighbors are unhappy and unpleasant, try placing happy items like rainbow-colored windsocks, whirligigs or anything brightly colored. Planting pretty flowers and bushes and painting a fence with happy images can help to lift the unpleasant mood of your neighbor.

A note on feng shui “pa kua” mirrors. Many people employ these mirrors to stop neighbors from annoying them. However, these kinds of mirrors emit very strong and harsh energy and should never be aimed at anyone or anything. There are other ways to remedy the situation without sending dangerous energy toward your neighbors. If you own and display one of these, be sure to get rid of it as the energy can come back to harm you.

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Mike said...

Very interesting and well written. You touched on many of the most common neighbor problems. There's a site out there,, that also helps deal with these neighbor problems.

Thanks for the valuable info.

Robinea said...

I'm at the end of my rope with THREE of my neighbors. First of all, this WAS a good neighborhood until several people started renting out their homes. And NOW, I have a neighbor to my right who manufactures meth, then my other neighbor who use to be a friend of mine started doing the meth and hanging out with that creep, THEN on the left of me, renters moved in who also do drugs, so they all three congregate, do their drugs, and yell obscenities at me and my two young children everytime we go outside. If I respond to them, they call the cops! Yesterday, the creep meth maker told someone who was leaving his house to run over my kids - OF COURSE I responded to that, he threatened my 8 and 12 year old with physical bodily harm! So the cops came, AND LECTURED ME! We mind our own business in this neighborhood because of all the drugs and whatnot, but I OWN my home and there is NO REASON I shouldn't feel safe here on my property. The creep meth maker is also an informant for the cops, so he can still merrily make his meth and do his business without the cops doing anything about it! I had actually heard that the Pakua mirror would take care of things like that but with repurcussions on the one hanging it as well, so I'm kind of scared to use that, but I've put up mirrors, I've used chimes, I've done everything I can think of and it just keeps getting worse. My sons will be playing basketball in our yard on the week end afternoons, and they all come outside calling my sons names like MF, P.O.S BASTARD KIDS, and last summer the meth maker who is 52 years old, walked up to my 8 year old and shot him point blank in the stomach with a BB gun! I called the cops THAT DAY, and still they did NOTHING but lecture me, AND MY SON WAS IN OUR YARD. My neighbor had walked over onto OUR PROPERTY! I have never met such horrible people in all my 42 years of living here on earth, and its completely bringing the energy in my home down, not to mention its really messing my kids self esteem up. Any more suggestions with extremely BAD NEIGHBORS who only try to harm everyone around them? I've noticed though that if you do drugs, these neighbors like ya then! Only I'm not that kind of person, and this USE TO NOT BE THAT KIND OF NEIGHBORHOOD, until the three neighbors started renting out their homes. Most of the time we just ignore them, but in some instances, like when they hurt my children or threaten to - THEN I DO REACT, and probably not very well at that! I've ALWAYS gotten along with people until the druggies moved in!