Saturday, 11 December 2010


 Read the story below about a baby who was born with teeth. 

Premature baby born with teeth

Patricia Caulfield showing the teeth of her baby (Photo: Liverpool Daily Post)

A premature baby girl was born with two teeth.

The two-week-old Faye Armstrong has two front teeth, molars at the back of her mouth, since she was born in Ormskirk hospital in UK.

Her mother Patricia Caulfield, 25, said: "When she was born, I noticed two white slits on her bottom gum. The nurses said they were teeth.

"The next morning, when I was feeding her, I felt a sharp pain and saw they had come through fully. My midwife told me this is really rare."

Caulfield is now at home on maternity leave with her new arrival and three-year-old son Alfie.

She said her tyre fitter partner Andrew Armstrong, 26, was also surprised by Faye's toothy little grin.

Caulfield said: "He was shocked, but he doesn’t have to feed her."

Source: The Mirror, UK

According to Chinese superstitions, a baby born with teeth might bring about the demise of either one or both parents.  In ancient China, the parents would extract the teeth of a baby born with such a condition.  Sometimes the baby would be given up for adoption. 

Even the westerners of yore believed that babies born with teeth were not something good.

Read the extract below:
If any teeth were already showing at the child's birth, this was taken to mean that he or she would grow up vicious. Richard III was supposed to have been born thus, according to Shakespeare (3 Henry the Sixth, v. vi). In the 1950s, Christina Hole wrote:

To be born with teeth is an extremely bad sign. The usual theory is that it foretells death by violence, but one midwife informed me a few years ago that the true meaning is even worse. ‘I never speak of it,’ she said, ‘and if anyone asks me I deny it, for the sake of the mother; but it means the child will grow up to be a murderer.’ It is possible that this is the older form of the superstition. A milder version gives it as a sign of a very bad temper; and in some districts it has been watered down to a vague prophecy of simple bad luck [Folklore 68 (1957), 413]. By 1987, a correspondent writing to the Daily Mirror [28 August 1987, p. 20] reports being puzzled by two contrasting beliefs—one, that such a child will be extremely clever, the other that he or she is born to be hanged.


steps2remember said...

Its completely not true, my nieghbor have baby girl with in born teeth, they are very poor, they just working on somebody's field, when their child was 7 she saw a piece of paper and brought home surprisingly it was a winning lotto ticket they won jackpot prize,they become instantly rich.

liveLife22 said...

I myself was born with 2 teeth and my mother's midwife can prove it. My dad left so my mother and grandparents raised me. I have given them happiness,joy,peace since I came in this world and now I'm 24 years old with FAITH in GOD, respects people. Don't even wants violence and inspires others. My dad came back when I was 18 and I have forgive, accept him.

I know that this superstitions about babies who was born with teeth isn't real. I'm a child of God, his my Father and he created me with love.