Wednesday, 28 July 2010


This particular green was one of the ulam-ulaman that is available at the Silaturahim Restaurant in Teluk Batik.  The proprietor told me that it was known as Daun Cabang Tiga. I checked on the Internet but could not find informationa about the herb until someone told me to type Daung Tenggek Burung.  And Viola, I got it.  The Daun Tenggek Burung or Daun Cabang Tiga (as how the kampung folks call it) is a herb that the males would be interested in.  Why?  Read on and you will find out ...

The Daun Tenggek Burung is believed to be able to:

  1. slow down the emission of sperms in a man;
  2. tighten the penis,
  3. make the penis more sensitive,
  4. increase sexual satisfaction for males,
  5. revitalises the body,
  6. prevent high blood pressure.
  7. can be eaten as ulam with sambal belacan.
  8. aid post-natal mothers especially in tightening the vagina.
  9. help the flow of blood in the body.
How to use:
You only need 6 to 7 leaves for each serving. The leaves that are eaten are young shoots. It is suitable to be eaten as ulam day or night. The health effects can be felt after 2 or 3 hours after consumption.


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