Friday, 11 January 2008


A long time ago, some people feared babies born in the year of the Tiger could bring bad luck to the parents and family and these babies (especially girls) were given away. I know of people who are in their forties and fifties now who were given away by theirfamilies because of this ridiculour belief. Thankfully, in this day and age, people are more knowledgeable and wiser and do not subscribe to such a practice.
Aaron Yan (22 years old this year) of Fahrenheit fame was born in the year of the Tiger. Honestly, if I had borne a tiger baby as beautiful and cute as Aaron I would never even dream of being parted from him. Thankfully, nowadays this belief is fast becoming obsolete. Babies are such wonderful gifts from Heaven and should be loved and treasured and that is why many Chinese call their little ones Bao Bei. Now, let us look at the fortune of the Tiger born for the Rat year.
1998 - Earth Tiger (Wu Yin)
1986 - Fire Tiger (Bing Yin)
1974 - Wood Tiger (Jia Yin)
1962 - Water Tiger (Ren Yin)
1950 - Metal Tiger (Geng Yin)
1938 - Earth Tiger (Wu Yin)
1926 - Bing Yin (Bing Yin)
According to Chinese astrology, the tiger born person is rebellious in nature. He/she is unpredictable. One of their strengths is that they never give up or are compromised easily no matter how great the setbacks.
Zodiac signs compatible to tigers are the horse, dog or pig.
Setbacks are forecast for people born in the year of the Tiger. Their luck cycle is unstable and they are face with disturbances and disruptions in business. 2008 can be termed as a year of endurance for people born under this zodiac. They have to keep their tempers in check and try not to be rash. There are numerous inauspicious stars such as Sang Men, Gu Shen, Da hao and the White Tiger in their sector. They have to go to the temple to offer prayers to the White Tiger to have better luck for the year. There is not much marriage or health luck either. However, there are also quite a number of auspicious star and noble persons or mentors to provide help to overcome the obstacles.
This is a good year for salaried workers as things go smoothly for them at work. This year they can easily adapt to their working environment and their hard work is given recognition. Those in business should keep their tempers in check, increase their networking and to take precautions while at work. They should stick to the routine that has been set and do not rush into any projects hastily. . Another piece of advice is to plan and survey before carrying out any project. Good months for investments are the third, eighth and eleventh lunar months.
Tigers could be plagued with loss of wealth, malefactors, gossips, injuries and illnesses which would affect wealth luck. There is financial instability in the year of the Rat. They are advised to save for a rainy day and also refrain from gambling as there is not much speculation luck. They must also remember not to stand as guarantors for anyone this year. Tiger people should manage their wealth prudently. They must practise caution when it comes to money matters or making investments. However, wealth luck picks up after the eighth lunar month.
This is also not a good year for romance. Good relationship is hindered and even marriages of Tiger people have setbacks. They might have a tendency to quarrel and be affected by malefactors (xiao ren). There is some romance luck in the fifth and tenth lunar month.
Health luck is not that good either. Sleep is affected and this might result in illness and also be extra careful when it comes to food hygiene. They should also be carful when driving as there are indications of bloodshed.
Wear ornaments made from Citrine or Hematite to calm nerves and neutralize inauspice and prevent calamities. They could also benefit by wearing symbols of their allies in the form of the horse, dog and pig.

Aiyoh, the Tiger will be having quite a difficult year ahead judging from what I have researched. Poor Aaron Yan (picture above), he was already plagued with injuries and health problems in the year of the Pig and now more forecast of ailments. He has the best vocals in his group and if Fahrenheit comes and perform in Malaysia I want to be there to listen to him sing. If he is sick then they'd be no Aaron.


Satia said...

May I please copy some of this into my own blog? I am a water tiger but I don't want to take what you have shared without your permission.

milena f. said...

hi! what you wrote about babies tiger beeing given away is very interesting for me. could you please tell me why in few words? i'll really appreciate it.