Friday, 2 February 2018


My tem members from Third Force Perak and I took part in a community service program on 31st January 2018 was a to help clean Pak Dollah's house. Pak Dollah who turns 70 this year has very poor vision. It is most probably due to cataract. But I found out that his health is deterioting. He fainted in a coffee shop a few days ago and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. His relative who was present during the gotong-royong told me that the hospital authorities said that he might have heart problems. It seemed that he 'discharged' himself before the hospital could do further tests to confirm this.  I think he was worried about his wife at home.  She has mental problems and needs to be taken care of.
What I noticed was that he has become weaker. He slept for a few hours when the clearing and cleaning took place. He could barely walk and at times he was in a daze.

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