Tuesday, 23 January 2018


The information below is taken from the talk given by Feng Shui Master Jason Eng who is a student of Grandmaster Lilian Too.

The Dog Year rings in at 5.30 a.m. on 4th February 2018.

  •  The chart indicates that the year ahead will be a stable and harmonious one.  There will be less conflicts and hostility.
  •  There is hidden wealth luck.  One must activate to unearth it.
  • There is an excess of Wood in the chart.  The metal element is missing. Feng Shui enthusiasts are advised to wear white, silver and gold. 
  • There is no Beginning of Spring or Lup Chun for the year.  This means that growth might be slow but still there are plenty of resources to be had.
  • There are no clashing pillars int he chart.  There are two pillars here that are referred to as "Producing".
  • The Yang Earth Pillar and Yang Earth Dog mean that this is a Double Earth Year.  This indicates that opportunities are aplenty for growth in many directions.  The double earth brings greater harmony and fewer conflicts.
  • Strong fire is the element of the year.  the year requires metal and earth energy.  One can carry crystal and metal protection amulets.
  • The Two Yang and two Yin Pillars in the chart bring a balance of yin and yang energy.
  • There is indication that the second half of the Dog year will be more favourable.
  • The Commanding Star, Emperor Star and Celestial Protector Star are present in the chart for 2018.
  • Present in the chart is also the External Flower of Romance.  This is not too good a star as there might be sex related transgressions and scandals.

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