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"Foster Family Harmony with Feng Shui"

"Foster Family Harmony with Feng Shui"

by Kathryn Weber

Feng shui is used in the west to create more opportunity, success and wealth. But in the East, feng shui is used for all that and to create harmonious relationships, too. Feng shui is a terrific tool for improving family relationships. As anyone who has had strife and struggle at home can tell you, a harmonious home is truly a blessing. Creating a harmonious and pleasant home is a bonus to all who reside there.

Use these tips to create a home that’s aligned for harmony and good fortune for the whole family.

Ensure family harmony with a vase.

The southwest is the sector of the woman or mother of the house. This corner of the home is regarded as the corner where all the good family luck resides. Think of it this way, when the mother is happy, the family is too.

Add a large ceramic urn or vase to symbolize the mother and place in this corner to collect beneficial energy. Make sure the vase is left empty to collect chi. If your southwest corner has a garage or bathroom, which can cause unhappiness for the woman of the house, place the vase in the southwest corner of your living room to enhance the woman, and therefore, the family’s happiness.

Examine your family relationship sector.

The east is the family relationship sector and it is governed by the wood element. If there is metal located here, it can cause family strife and tension. Adding water in this corner of your house or garden can help the family grow, get along better, and improve health for everyone in your home. As always, if this corner is a bathroom or garage, try adding a water fountain or aquarium in the east corner of the living room.

Picture perfect families.

In feng shui, one of the taboos is to have pictures of children in the couple’s bedroom. Parents should enjoy a level of privacy in their bedroom, but many parents have pictures (and sometimes in excess) of their children in the bedroom. This can harm the relationship – not to mention kill a couple’s romantic life!

The children are often prone to misbehavior, and if so, it’s a good idea to do a picture swap. Try adding a picture of the parents in the children’s bedroom instead! This can help children be more respectful and filial (a type of respect and honor of one’s parents and ancestors coined by Confucius).

A family of three in harmony.

The number three in feng shui is viewed as a number of growth – but it’s also the number that represents anger. Having a picture of three family members, such as a mother, father, and daughter is deemed as inauspicious unless the family is posed in a triangular shape, which evokes the fire shape and the element of fire. Have the father or oldest person at the top of the apex.

The reason is the belief that when three people are in a row, there will be separation. The fire element will keep the trio happy – and together. Are you single? Then you should still hang the most favorite picture you have of yourself in the center of your home. Consider making a gallery of your most memorable and happy times and hang them in the center of your home— regardless of whether you are married, have children, or if you are single.

Happy at the heart.

The center part of the home is extremely important for health, wealth and relationships. To ensure your family’s happiness, place a picture of your family looking happy at the center of your home. This area is also excellent for adding lighting, dining or for a living room.

Add red colors to this sector to ensure familial happiness and to give this sector a boost of fire energy that creates happiness by feeding the earth element here in the center of the home. If you are having extreme unhappiness in the household, look for plants in the center of the home and/or living room – they will drain the happiness right out of your home!

Smooth bumpy relationships.

Even in the happiest families, there are small bumps and snags in the fabric of our relationships. Create smooth, happy and stress-free energies by employing symbols and elements that foster happy feelings and easy relationships. In the center of the living room, adding a collection of six crystal balls to symbolize the uniting of heaven and earth. This helps to make relationships smooth and harmonious.

Red apples are another symbol of harmony and amiability, so place a bowl of them in your living room or dining room (faux apples are OK!). Or, you can use color to make tense family members more congenial. Add red and gold (ochre) colors together in the dining or living room to ease tension in the house.

Sit auspiciously.

Sometimes the only time a family gets together is during the evening meal. Make your mealtimes happy and enjoyable by seating everyone according to their kua number. When determining the direction, always select the relationship direction for everyone to face. This is better than being seated in the wealth direction which won’t help everyone necessarily be cordial!

Look for missing corners.

Missing corners can indicate a “missing” member of the family. If a corner is missing, it is possible that this person feels uncomfortable in the home. Correct this by adding a mirror on the wall where the missing corner would be or by symbolically creating the corner. This can be done with a garden, a large boulder or heavy object where the corner would have been, or a light pole. Indoors, a mirror can be placed where the missing corner would have been. The directions for family members are below:

NW: Father
SW: Mother
N: 2nd son
NE: Youngest son
E: Oldest son
SE: Oldest daughter
S: 2nd daughter
W: Youngest daughter
Note: Protruding areas of the house can enhance the person associated with a particular corner. So, if you have a protruding area, you have a benefit here!

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