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"White — The Feng Shui Color that Brings Revived Energy, New Beginnings, and Heavenly Assistance"

by Kathryn Weber

Few colors can stand up to the power of white. Black is often looked upon as a power color, especially in feng shui, but the one color that imbues that power is white. White is a color of metal, and metal makes water (black).

On the color hierarchy, white holds its own as the top color to use on its own or in combination with other colors. No other color goes with another color the same way white does. Just think about the white ceilings, white woodwork in homes, and how many homes are painted white.

Besides its versatility, white is the color of perfection.

In feng shui, white is the color of heaven and often why Asian mourners wear white to reflect this belief of leaving one state and entering another. In the west, white is viewed as purity and untainted, and clean, i.e., doctor’s white coat or a bride’s white wedding dress.

White also is a color that evokes the start of a new beginning.

The color itself is open and clear, opening the way for complete and unfettered creativity, not imposing itself on your mind or your preconceptions the way a lemon yellow, vibrant orchid or chartreuse do.

In feng shui white is a yang color that represents authority, blessings and assistance.

White is the essence of all, being in equal balance, and containing all colors of the color spectrum, evoking fairness and equal treatment. When you need a new beginning, more authority and helpful people, white is here to help. But avoid the all-white house – it can lead to feelings of stress, worry and isolation.

White goes well with almost anything – white and gold, white and silver, white and yellow, white and blue, white and purple, white and beige. All these combinations are supportive and simply stunning.

Even so, too few women wear white.

They say it makes them look heavier and that black is slimming. If your white clothes are too tight, like any color, it will make you look heavier. But why miss out on all the great things white colors can bring to your life (like more money, helpful people, and a fresh start)?

No matter what your dress size, nothing looks more heavenly than a beautiful white sweater in winter or a cool white dress in summer. Go up a size in white clothes and see if that doesn’t make you look slimmer because the fit is looser.

White is great around the house too. Far from being sterile, white is the essence of homey relaxation. Just think about those beautiful ocean cottages with white shingled siding, or the way a white room feels clean and relaxing.

In feng shui, you can use white to energize your life to magnetize yourself to attract good fortune – and who couldn’t use more of that?

Here are 6 ways white can bring more heavenly goodness to your life using white colors.

1. Go in a new direction with white.

When you need re-invention or when you are moving into a new time of your life, white is your yang go-to color. Use white in your home, bed linens, clothing, jewelry and flowers to help you move in your new direction.

Making a clean break such as from a long difficult relationship, moving to a new job or home, surrounding yourself with white will help you see yourself in the new position, home or relationship. That’s because white is, after all, a blank canvas, and allows you to “paint” a new picture for yourself.

2. Zoom ahead in a white car.

White cars lead the pack in color selection in the US as the most favored colored car. And it’s no wonder. White is the speed of light, and we are all busy, busy these days. White cars are excellent for anyone, but especially kua numbers 2, 5, 6, and 7. Even if you’re an east kua, don’t overlook white’s benefits — remember, white makes water and that feeds east kua’s wood energies.

3. Use white for protection.

Wear white when you feel that the world is against you. Because white has all the colors in harmony, the whole rainbow of colors is surrounding you with protection. Even simply visualizing white light enveloping your body or home offers protection against negative forces.

4. Exert your authority.

Blue is the color of trustworthiness, but white is the color of authority. If you have a big presentation to meet or need to shore up flagging self-esteem, white is the color to choose. White commands attention and those who wear white are unabashed about asserting themselves.

5. Wear white when you need help.

When you need people to help you move ahead, such as superiors, white will protect you from people who are jealous and scheming, and draw attention to you from those who want to help you get ahead.

6. Use white for cleansing yourself and pushing your personal “reset” button.

Nothing feels quite as good as sleeping on newly washed, crisp white sheets or seeing a stack of clean white towels in the bathroom. When you need a new beginning, wear plenty of white and surround yourself with white colors, such as white flowers, white towels, or fluffy white bathrobe to help cleanse and re-energize your entire system.


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