Monday, 4 September 2017


Min Min was at the Animal Clinic this morning. This is his second visit.  The first time I brought him there, the little fella was feverish and he had lost his appetite.  He was limp.  After a course of medicine given by the vet, he recovered.
I noticed that he had a skin infection and bought a spray from the pet shop to treat it.  Bt still the infection hasn't fully cleared even after bathing with medicinal shampoo. 
This morning Dr Murrugaya gave him a jab and medicine to apply to the affected area. He was also given a tablet for de-worming. He weighs almost 2 kilogrammes. The vet said to bring him in for vaccination next week.
And yes, I have decided to adopt him as well.  Now I have 3 furry sons.

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