Monday, 31 July 2017



By Kathryn Weber

There’s a lot of talk about women entrepreneurs and business owners these days, but do they have special feng shui needs? Absolutely. Women are opening businesses at a record pace. They account for $1.9 trillion dollars in sales, and they employ almost 8 million people (

Yet, female entrepreneurs are less likely to go into tech, where some of the biggest financial gains are, and they have to struggle to get VC backing and business funding. Lastly, female business owners only account for a small 3% that are said to have "high economic impact" -- that is, breaking the $500,000 mark -- according to That means that women's small businesses have a tendency to do just that -- stay small.

But it’s time that women earn more and have higher economic impact.

Feng shui can provide the kind of support that will help women thrive and create more wealth, and hopefully, grow to blow past that 3% mark.

Follow these women's entrepreneurial feng shui tips for creating great feng shui that will help women entrepreneurs move ahead and create more jobs, more money, and more opportunity for themselves and others.

Here are 8 ways for women entrepreneurs to supercharge your work and office for support, income, and growth.

1. Money in, money out.

Women often think about spending, but don’t always think about investing. When you're buying that second pair of riding boots, that's spending. When you buy a quality desk that you can work comfortably at for hours a day, that’s an investment. When you put money into yourself, you get money out. Think about that when it comes to outfitting your office to help you work and be your most productive or to get business coaching if you need it, for example.

2. Empowered working.

If there is anyone who can take that I can manage with this kind of thinking, it's women. If you're a woman business owner, it's critical that you treat yourself like an executive. Don't go for the prettiest desk, go for the one that is both attractive and will help you get the job done.

Sure, glass desks are nice, but useless if they don't have drawers for pens, a stapler, or paperclips. Make sure you’re empowered to work by selecting the things that fit both looks and function to make you your most productive. Pick a quality desk chair, too, with a high back and good support -- this is excellent feng shui to ensure you have staying power in business.

3. Turn your work around.

Make sure that you turn your desk around to face the door to your office. This is essential to feeling in command. Too often we ram our desks up to a wall because that's where the plugs are. Don’t. When you face a wall, you face an obstacle. Women face enough obstacles already without adding a wall to the equation. Always sit facing the door, and if you're worried about electrical cords, buy a cord cover.

Make sure you're working at your desk in an executive style. You own the business, so arrange your office to look that way. Even if no one ever steps into your office, you'll know you’re set up like an executive in charge. What's vital about having a desk out in the room and not facing a wall is that it allows energy to flow to you, your work and your business.

Having open space around your desk means you’re not cut off from energy and that energy can circulate around you, coming in the form of new sales, new clients, more opportunity and more money -- and that’s worth the price of a cord cover.


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