Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Fried beehoon for my young friends at the Sitiawan Vision Home. I used some of the carrots, kucai, capsicum and asparagus that I bought from Camerons. Not too much vegetables as most children are not fond of greens.

I invited Kak Rozie Shafie to go with me to Rumah Wawasan Sitiawan yesterday afternoon. I sent forks and spoons that my friends sponsored for the Home. This was the first time Kak Rozie visited the place. She said she felt sad listening to the stories about the children who were orphaned or abandoned.
 I can only help in small ways like getting my friends to help sponsor items for the children, bring food for them and spend some time with them. The real heroes and heroines are the full time carers who have dedicated their lives to looking after the children. Miss Saundari (picture above with me and Angel)  at the Vision Home here has been looking after the children for 20 years.

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