Saturday, 28 January 2017


The East welcomes the Prosperity Star in the year of the Fire Rooster. This star brings with it good fortune, wealth and money luck. Those who belong to the Rabbit Zodiac will benefit from its effects.  The East which is of the Earth Element will give added strength to the Earth element of the visiting star #8.  Anyone's whose household faces of sits in the East, as well as anyone whose office or bedroom is located here, will gain great fortune and wealth luck.

Enhancers for the East Sector
  1. Place a water fountain here to create flowing of water in the East. This will help attract more wealth energy and abundance.
  2. Do make use of Feng Shui wealth enhancers like Ancient Chinese coins, money frog to give wealth luck a boost.  
  3. Introduce a bit of Fire and a lot of Earth feng shui element decor items and colours.Feng shui crystals are especially good in the East area this year.
  4. Avoid a strong presence of the Metal element here in 2017. 
  5. As the 3 Killings is also present here, it is best  to keep the East area quiet in 2017.  You can use the Salt Water cure to subdue the negative energy from the 3 Killings.

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