Sunday, 11 December 2016

"Feng Shui Your Way to Wealth and Transformation in 2017"

By Kathryn Weber

Every year has its pluses and minuses, and 2017 is no different. But what makes the Year of the Rooster special is the fact that a bright new energy is moving in replacing the old, tiresome energy of 2016.

This energy has the power to transform, and that's what's so exciting.
What this past year looks like and what the year ahead holds will be very different. If you've felt like your life is in a rut or that you've run out of options, hold on to your hat - the year of the Rooster is about to change all that.

One of the biggest changes in the Year of the Rooster is the ability to find opportunities where there had only been brick walls last year. This requires that you activate your home with plenty of metal in the center and that you do your part too. Remember, that all change really starts with you. That's why I recommend that you put your best foot forward toward with your personal plans and endeavors this year.

The 1 star is one of the best and brightest stars in feng shui. Besides transformation, the 1 star also offers opportunities for success and good fortune. Read more about what the year ahead offers you:

Income boosting.

This is the star that has the power to improve your personal income by providing opportunity in your business and a step up in your career and the money you make in either. This is the year to take steps in your business to up your game, get your name out and expand your brand. In your career, it's time to step up to do presentations, take on big projects and work with your manager to help create more career-boosting opportunities.

Beat the competition.

To win at anything, you have to get into the game. When you work at applying yourself whether that's for a new job, a sport or other competition, you go to the head of the pack. The White 1 star has the success-boosting quality to get you noticed. If you have a strong center sector, the White 1 star will work to make your resume, entry or name come to everyone's notice.

White brings power.

I've written before that white is the power color. Sure, the "little black dress" gets all the fashion attention but the "little white dress" is what turns everyone's eyes on you. Strut your stuff in white this year to give you power, especially in business and corporate situations! White is the color of heaven, and it's also the color of money in 2017. Wear white with gold for an extra dose of attention-getting power for money and prestige.

New beginnings.

When the White 1 star comes into focus, it's the star that affords you the proverbial second chance. What is it that you would like to do - or do over? This is the year you can take a fresh start at something you've had your heart set on or that you have wanted a second chance at. This is the year of fresh beginnings, change, transformation, and starting over. Think about what you would like to initiate that would bring a fresh start to your life, whether that's a new career, going back to school, starting a new health regime, diet, or exercise program. This year will support you - and help make you successful.

Earth-related investments pay off.

Because the 1 star is moving into the center sector, those who are in the earth-related fields, such as real estate, water, oil, property, research and mining will all have wonderful success in 2017. These are the areas we expect to see grow, making them also good targets for investment.


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